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Your Road to Better Photography

Description Are you stuck operating your Camera in Auto Mode? Do you have a camera ready to learn but can’t seem to find the right training that makes photography simple? This Free Course is dedicated to simplifying the 3 elements that will put you in creative control over every shoot that you have. Aperture, Shutter… Read More »

Photography Fundamentals: Understand Aperture, Shutter, ISO+

If you are a photographer, you NEED to know these basic settings and rules – no matter what camera you’re using. What Will I Learn? You will learn how to use the manual settings on your camera to properly expose a photo. You will learn basic composition rules that will automatically improve your photography. You… Read More »

Private Label Market Research Select Your Niche & Product

What Will I Learn? Students will learn to research and select a target market or niche with raving demand Students will have researched and validated a profitable product to sell online by the end of the course Requirements Identify your target market and select a profitable private label product to sell on Amazon This course… Read More »

Start speaking German with the Modal verbs

The amazing story about the Modal Verbs and their adventures What Will I Learn? Begin speaking German with the help of a few very useful verbs – The Modal Verbs Interact in everyday situations (eating out, traveling, asking for help, expressing your thoughts) with the help of the Modal verbs Conjugate Modal verbs, meaning change… Read More »

Corporate Finance – A Brief Introduction

Learn the basics of Corporate Finance! We will cover the time value of money and capital budgeting. Enjoy! What Will I Learn? Understand the Time Value of Money Understand and Calculate the Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return and Payback Period for Capital Budgeting Calculate the Time Value of Money using Microsoft Excel, Google… Read More »

Salary Negotiation: Learn the Negotiation Mindset

Entry-level course for those new to negotiation. Get an informative, entertaining intro to earning more in under 30 min! What Will I Learn? Ease anxiety and stress around negotiation Familiarize yourself with salary negotiation basics Learn what is at stake for those who don’t negotiate Get prepared for advanced negotiation techniques Requirements This course is… Read More »

Operations Management Free Course

Gain fundamental insights to world of Operations Management from award winning Professor Gad Allon. A Faculty Project Course – Best Professors Teaching the World This course provides a general introduction to operations management. This course aims to (1) familiarize you with the major operational problems and issues that confront managers, and (2) provide you with… Read More »